Terms of Service

Company Name:The Watch Exchange Ltd
Company Registration Number:9664797
VAT Number:233459507

The Watch Exchange Ltd (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the https://thewatchexchange.co.uk/ website (the “Service”).

Watch Authentication

Watch authentication is the most important thing to consider when purchasing an expensive pre-owned watch. The pre-owned watch industry is growing each year, with millions of new timepieces entering circulation. Now more than ever, a pre-owned luxury watch specialist is responsible for the authentication, verification and presentation of each and every watch. The number one goal at The Watch Exchange is to provide our clients with a transparent, honest and accurate assessment of each timepiece for sale. For this reason, visitors will only ever see watches listed on The Watch Exchange that have been submitted to exhaustive examination and tests, determining the watches’ absolute authenticity.

All our watches include a certificate detailing our guarantee of 100% authenticity for that specific timepiece.

Viewing or collecting a watch

Customers can inspect and collect listed watches from our premises in Salford, Manchester by appointment. Appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance if at all possible.

Payment methods

SagePay is a secure payment system, used by thousands of businesses, that absolutely ensures a completely safe transaction. We encourage you to use this system as this ensures that all of your personal data is held only by the card issuers and banks. The Watch Exchange does not have access to the data submitted when you make your purchase and it remains solely with the card issuers.

SagePay also uses the 3D secure system, which requires the customer to submit a security password that you set between you and your card issuer. It adds an extra level of security for you.

As well as this method, we also offer payment via PayPal and direct bank transfer. When paying via bank transfer, the watch will only be dispatched once the funds have fully cleared.

We do not surcharge for the use of debit or credit cards.


All watches sold by The Watch Exchange come with our 12 month warranty. Your Warranty will be registered to your newly acquired watch and dated to the day of purchase.

This warranty protects your watch against manufacturing and mechanical defects, subject to the following terms.

What your one year warranty does not cover

a. Damage, accidental or otherwise, to the watch while in the possession of a consumer not caused by a defect in material or workmanship.
b. Damage and/or scratches to the finish of the case, crystal, bracelet, strap or other components caused by wear.

What your one year warranty covers

Our warranty covers the watch movement and for the first twelve months of ownership. The warranty covers manufacturing malfunctions and material defects under regular use within the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Your Warranty will be invalidated in the event of third party Intervention.
Any modification of your watch by the addition or substitution of aftermarket products that have not been provided by the manufacturer will invalidate your Warranty, this includes any dismantling to the watch for inspection without our prior knowledge.

In the event of a claim against your Warranty, we will refund, repair or replace your watch at our sole discretion. Time will not be of the essence for completion of any works carried out under Warranty.

Please note that the recommendations of the manufacturer are expressly excluded for the purposes of our Warranty, where such recommendations conflict with our advice.

If you are based outside of the United Kingdom, you may have to pay import duty or other taxes, fees and charges applied by customs or other authorities of your country for work done under Warranty, particularly if you do not correctly complete the relevant declarations.

Please note that you must securely deliver the watch to our store as advised and with adequate insurance, to claim against your Warranty or for any other reason, which shall be your responsibility and at your cost unless agreed otherwise. If you are based in the UK we will not make a charge for the postage and packaging costs of returning the watch to you. We will charge for fees and charges applied by customs incurred for work carried out under Warranty if you are based outside of the UK.

Your Warranty is personal to you and is non-transferable. The Warranty is in addition to your statutory and common law rights.

If you wish to make a claim against your Warranty, please contact a member of our servicing team by calling 0161 752 1254

Public Liability & Indemnity

In all cases, liability/indemnity and all claims for damage or loss however caused are limited to the cost of the watch itself.

Thank you for your compliance to these terms and condition. We look forward to assisting you with purchasing your dream watch. For any queries please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0)161 736 4399 or send us an email us to info@thewatchexchange.co.uk